4-H Move Across Missouri
Frequently asked questions

Participants can sign up as an individual or as part of a team. How many people can be on a team?

As many as you choose! A team may be a family, club members, the entire club and other 4-H groups. Team awards are calculated by dividing the number of minutes or points by the number of team members, so team size does not matter.

Does a team need to have a leader?

Yes! When registering a team, you will be asked to name a team leader. The team leader does not have to be an adult. The only responsibility of the team leader is to encourage members to be physically active and communicate with the MOVE program coordinator at the end of the MOVE competition.

Are prizes available for 4-H MOVE? 

Participants who sign up for 4-H MOVE before April 30 will receive a MOVE promotion item and certificate.

During our competition period Feb. 1 through April 30, individuals and teams that log the most minutes in each county and the state will receive prizes. County individual and team awards are valued at $10 and $25, respectively. State individual and team awards are valued at $50 and $250, respectively.

How does MOVE connect with 4-H projects?

Excellent question! Activity that you may already be doing in many 4-H projects can count in MOVE, such as shooting sports, bowling, biking, hiking and camping.

Are there any good resources for teaching youth how to cook healthy after-school snacks?

The two websites that we recommend are Kids-A-Cookin' and the Missouri Families website. They have plenty of information on easy recipes and making cooking fun for youth.