4-H Move Across Missouri
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The new MOVE year begins February 1!

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Here's what youth and adults need to do to participate:

  • Enroll in the Move Across Missouri (MOVE) project (HF775) in 4HOnline in their profile by May 1.  Enrollment in 4-H MOVE does not count as a part of county limits on projects.  

Log your activity

  • Using a paper tracking system found at the bottom of this page, youth and their families can “log” the number of minutes they accumulate throughout the year and during the competitive component of the MOVE program (scroll to the bottom of the website page and click “My Move Activity Log”).  Record keeping through the paper tracking system is important because the competition period will be from February 1 to April 30.  4-Hers and adults can register for the competitive event as individuals and/or as part of a team.  An individual MOVEr may also be a part of a team.  A team can consist of a family or members of a 4-H club or group.  Youth and families will submit their total number of minutes logged throughout the competitive period at the end in 4HOnline.  The final reporting take place inside of a no cost event registration that will only be open at the end of the competition period from May 1 through May 15.  MOVE awards will be provided.   
  • Each person reports your log by...
    • Logging into your 4HOnline account.
    • Go to My Member List and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
    • The last box is Register a Member in an Event:
      • Select a member
      • Choose Move Across Missouri
      • When the orange Registration Types box pops up, click the Register button on the far right.
    • Once inside registration, there is a place to put your team and team leader's name if you had one. Log only your minutes here. 

Prizes and more....

  • Participants who sign up for MOVE before May 1 will receive a MOVE promotion item and certificate.
  • During our competition period February 1 through April 30, individuals and teams who log the most minutes in each county and the state will receive awards.  County individual and team awards are valued at $10 and $25, respectively. State individual and team awards are valued at $50 and $250, respectively. 

Get ready to MOVE!

My Move Activity Log