4-H Move Across Missouri
Physical activities

Ideas for 4-H club or group meetings

See instructions for example activities below. They're quick and simple!

And the beat goes on……

Materials: Large room or open space outdoors; music; microphone (optional)

Ask volunteers or 4-Hers to lead dance instructions. Try something new like Latin samba, Russian folk, clogging, Polish Polka, swing, country line, or ballroom dancing. Good instructors will help make sure participants learn proper techniques so they are successful! Dancing is fun and good exercise — participants don’t even realize they’re working out!

The ABCs of exercise

Materials: None

  • How do you create every letter in the alphabet using just your body? While participants wiggle, squirm and problem solve, they are also getting good exercise — enhancing flexibility, agility, strength and awareness of their body.

Bounce the ball

Materials:  two or three wiffle or ping pong balls; one sheet

You will need at least four people for this game. Each person holds a corner and side of the sheet – stretched taut. Place the balls in the center of the sheet. Participants shake the sheet causing the balls to bounce in the air. The object of the game is to keep the balls bouncing in the air and keep them from bouncing off the sheet onto the floor.

Tunnel time

Materials: None

This activity helps participants stretch out their backs. Participants bend over on all fours (hands and feet) and lift their belly up to the ceiling — hold stomach in as far as possible and round the back. Choose the smallest person in the group to be the “crawler.” At the count of “three” the participants will get in position and remain there until the crawler has a chance to go through the tunnel. When the crawler reaches the end, the tunnel can collapse!

Stretch and twist

Materials: None

Participants reach their left hand behind their back, placing it on their right back, hip. Place the other hand on top of their head and gently tilt to the right. They should feel a stretch down the neck and across the upper shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side. This is a good activity if a group has been sitting for a long period of time.

Stir the soup

Materials: None

Each participant will find a partner to do this stretching activity. Both partners sit on the floor, face to face, with their feet touching in a wide straddle. They reach out and grab each other’s writs and move side to side and forward and back. Keep knees straight! Partners can try making circles — small ones and then larger ones as muscles loosen up.