State specialist contact: Steven A. Henness

CI200 Public Adventures

Target audience: Intermediate (ages 11–13) and Senior (ages 14–18) levels; adaptable for Junior (ages 8–10).

• Learn what citizenship is and why it's important to be involved in your community
• "Public" vs. "private" - what is the difference?
• Consider interests of your group and needs of your community
• Identify community stakeholders who can help
• Learn how to write a mission statement, conduct
a survey, create a petition, raise funds and attract media coverage

  • Citizenship Adventures Kit

  • LO211 Public Adventures

    Designed for clubs and groups of young people, this activity guides you through discovering public issues that are important to you and many others. Plan a project that creates, changes, or improves something valuable to your community. Learn how to be an active citizen in a democracy through exploring possibilities and taking action!

  • Citizenship Adventures Kit

  • Resources for all project levels

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