Horse Awards

MFA Saddle Award Application - postmarked by July 6


  • For currently enrolled Missouri 4-H members, ages 14 to 18 (as of January 1 of current program year.)
  • Must have been a Missouri 4-H member for at least one year.
  • Must be willing to give at least one year after the awarding of the saddle to enhance the local, multi-county and/or regional 4-H program efforts.


  • Complete the Y2200, Missouri 4-H Recognition Form Ages 14-18 Level 3 (PDF)  available at the County Extension Centers.
  • Complete the MFA 4-H Saddle Essay Questions listed below.
  • Acquire all required signatures before submission.
  • For the essay questions:
    • Please use a font no smaller than 12 point.
    • Use plain white 8 " x 11" paper.
    • Allow 1" margins at the top, bottom and both sides.
  • Type on one-side of the sheet of paper only.
  • Double-space written answers.
  • The essay section should be no more than two pages total.


Submit the following information in a folder or a binder. Do not include any additional information or materials.

1. Y2200, Missouri 4-H Recognition Form Ages 14-18 Level 3 (PDF)

2. MFA Saddle Essay Questions (two pages total)

A. Describe your growth in knowledge and skills in horsemanship and horse science during your involvement in the 4-H Horse Program.

B. How has your involvement in the 4-H Horse Program helped you develop leadership skills? Provide specific examples of applying what you have learned in the 4-H Horse Program to leadership?

C. How has your involvement in the 4-H Horse Program helped you to better your community, help others or enhance your citizenship participation beyond your project or local club?

D. How has the knowledge and skills learned in the 4-H Horse Program helped you prepare for your future education or career?


Applications must be postmarked by July 6 and submitted to: MFA Saddle Award, State 4-H Office, 1110 S College Ave, Columbia, MO 65211.


Tennessee Walking Horse award

The application form is here. 

  • Any 4-H member enrolled in a horse project can participate.
  • All participants must be a member of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeder’s and Exhibitors Association.
  • All 4-H members must be using a registered Tennessee Walking Horse as their project animal for that year.
  • Any member who wishes to participate must have their 4-H horse enrollment form in before March.
  • Record all projects that you have done on all forms.
  • All applications and record books must be submitted to the local extension office by March 1. The deadline for the state to submit to the Walking Horse Association is April 1.
  • Winners will receive a pair of Oster A5 Clippers and TWHBEA Apparel and will be recognized at the National Celebration in August.