Horseless Horse and Horse Knowledge, unit HS140, is for youth who may not have a horse or pony of their own but want to learn about horses. Horse Riding, unit 141, introduces basic riding skills and styles. (Because a member's knowledge may be at a different level from his or her riding skills, a member may sign up for both units 140 and 141, and unit 140 will not be counted against his or her project total count.)


Clover Kids and 4-H Horsemanship


The following Clover Kids policies will be maintained:

  • Clover Kids are allowed to engage in non-competitive events.
  • Clover Kids do not enroll in individual projects.
  • 5-7 year olds are enrolled as Clover Kids and not as a 4-H member.
  • Clover Kids are encouraged to experience a wide range of activities.
  • Clover Kids may participate in Horseless Horse (however, they are not enrolled in the project.
  • Activities that are non-competitive in nature:  Examples (include but are not limited to):  Mock Bowl Events, Skits, Games, Hippology-type events, stick-horse activities, Skill-a-Thons, etc.

It is acceptable for regular 4-H members to plan a non-competitive event for Clover Kids, as long as riding or showing horses is not involved. Involving Clover Kids in special programs is one way to grow the program, maintain interest and generate new audiences.