Horseless Horse and Horse Knowledge (HS140) is for all who want to learn about horses, including those without their own horse or pony. Horse Riding (HS141) introduces basic riding skills and styles. Because a member’s knowledge might be at a different level from his or her riding skills, a member may sign up for both units 140 and 141, and unit 140 will not be counted against his or her project total count.

HS140 Horseless Horse and Horse Knowledge

Horseless Horse

Horse 1: Giddy Up and Go
• Learn about horse behavior
• Discover basic horse safety

Horse 2: Head, Heart, and Hooves
• Equine anatomy
• Feeds and nutrition

Horse 3: Stable Relationships
• Genetic and reproduction
• Care and costs of horses

Horse Judging Resources

American Quarter Horse Association Competitive Horse Judging Guide
Oklahoma State 4-H Horse Judging Guide

Horse Knowledge Resources

Equine Reproduction and Genetics will increase knowledge of horse reproduction and career options in the horse industry.
Beginning Horse Management will teach you the basics of caring for a horse, learning to ride, and showmanship are covered.

HS141 Horse Riding


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