State Poultry Day

June 17, 2017

Animal Science Building
University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.

Check in begins at 7:15 a.m.

Event times are 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

This will be a youth training/skills demonstration event in an educational format. Tony Perryman, Missouri Department of Agriculture; Jesse Lyons, University of Missouri; Kim Cash, Lincoln University; and Dustin Oehl, will be providing the subject matter content with assistance from Dr. Michael Ouart and Dr. Vandepopuliere and Prof. Geiger retirees from the MU Poultry Science Department and students from Mizzou. This will be a great opportunity for leaders to pick up information and materials they can take back home to assist with their poultry training and programs and for members to hone their skills in a voluntary “just for fun” quiz bowl.

Registration opens April 15. Open to all 4-Hers, but participants 14 and over as of Jan. 1 will be placed in the senior division. It is $20 for both the youth and adult registrations until May 15, and then youth and adult registrations will be $25 until the June 1 deadline.

Register for this event on your 4HOnline profile. 

Activities for the day include:

- Two Educational Sessions for 4-H Day"

  • Eggs Facts - Dr. Carol Lorenzen, Division of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri.  Dr. Lorenzen will present an educational session all about using chicken eggs.  Learn more about eggs, their composition, utilization, functional properties, and safety.   
  • Poultry Carcass Grading Clinic – Dr. Bryon Wiegand, Division of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri and Mr. Jesse Lyons, MU Extension Associate- Poultry (Retired) will team up to present a workshop for youth and leaders on the basics of Poultry Carcass Grading for broilers, roasters and turkey carcasses.  How to cutup a whole carcass to get those pieces used in 4-H Poultry Judging Contests Parts ID will also be demonstrated.  

- Production Poultry Judging –Hands-On Workshop for Beginners and Judging Classes for More Advanced:

  • A Production Judging Contest, including egg and carcass grading and laying hens placing. If desired, a senior 4-H Judging Team may be identified to qualify to enter the 4-H National Competition in Louisville, KY in November.  Top Jr and Sr individuals receive belt buckle, 2 thru 4 receive 4-H Medallions.  Beginners will receive separate training in special hands-on workstations.

- Other Events of the Day:

  • Fun Poultry Quiz Bowl — Beginning Following Lunch**– To receive a copy of the material covered in the quiz and a copy of the questions used in the Poultry Quiz Bowl contact: Tony Perryman, Missouri Department of Agriculture, P.O. Box 630, Jefferson City, Missouri  65102 Phone: 573-522-3378
  • Domestic Poultry Photo Contest — Submit one (1) photo you took, printed to size 8x10 mounted, single photo of domesticated poultry to be judged on quality, clarity and composition. Also, the photo should meet the 2015 Guidelines for State Fair 4-H Photography Exhibits, at web link: http://4h.missouri.edu/go/events/statefair/photoguidelines.pdf.  The winning entry will receive the 2010 APA Standard of Perfection and the first and second runners-up will receive the book 4-H Guide to Raising Chickens by Tara Kindschi.
  • Dozen Egg Contest — Enter a dozen eggs from your chickens.  Select your dozen eggs to be entered as Pee Wee, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large or Jumbo weight class.  You must declare your egg size at time of entry.  Eggs will be evaluated for appearance, uniformity and appropriateness of size and weight classification that you have declared, shape, color, soundness and quality (both interior and exterior). Best Dozen Eggs trophy will be awarded.

**Teams:  Junior or Senior (Seniors are age 14 or above before Jan 1, 2015) Avian Bowl or Judging Teams having 3 to 4 individuals may be organized at registration.  You may plan your bowl team makeup and team name ahead if you wish.

T-shirt ordering — Deadline: May 9, 2016

T-Shirts are available only through advance ordering.  You may order these with your registration.
Sizes available are youth large, adult small, adult medium, adult large and adult XL (all $12 each), and adult XXL(for $14 each).

For further information, contact:   

Jesse Lyons, University of Missouri

E-mail:  LyonsJ@missouri.edu

 Phone: 573-882-0247 and leave message