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4-H Shooting Sports Championship Rings

Jostens is making available commemorative rings to celebrate the achievement of Missouri 4-H Shooting Sports members. Any Missouri 4-H member, current or former member, that was a member of a first place overall team at any of the 4-H Shooting Sports National Invitational/Championships may order one of these custom rings. There is a specific ring design for the disciplines:

• Smallbore Rifle/Air Rifle
• Smallbore Pistol/Air Pistol
• Shotgun
• Archery (Compound or Recurve)
• Muzzleloading
• Hunting Skills
AND - 4-Hers that were members of any of the discipline team of the 2010, 2015 or 2016 National Championship earned by Missouri may order a special custom National Championships – Sweepstakes ring.


Download the Championship Ring Brochure & Order Form for more information.

After reviewing all the information on this page and in the brochure, feel free to contact Sarah Huber or Steve Coulson. Steve had this great idea and worked with Jostens to make it happen.
Thank you, Steve!


To ORDER contact:          Kalyn Davidson at Jostens – ( 573) 442-2855 or 



HELP - with the Order

You will likely have some questions as you work through the order form. Here is some additional information that may help:

• Side 1 – Year & 4-H Clover logo. Be sure to put the year that you participated as a team member on the Overall Team or year you were one of the 36 4-Hers that earned the Sweepstakes/Championships (2010 or 2015)

• Side 2 Top/Bottom - Your choice: either your name or name of the team discipline. Most will want to do the team discipline, BUT the number of letters is limited to 10. So, best choices are:

o SHOTGUN (top) & discipline design of the crossed shotguns with clay target, etc. (see illustration)


At top: SMALLBORE (ASK to be one word – that is correct for the shooting world) – this would work for either smallbore rifle or smallbore pistol teams. AND the design is the 3-position rifle shooters. (see illustration) OR the design pic of International pistol shooter (one-handed)o AIR RIFLE (top) and design/pic of the 3-position rifle shooters

o AIR PISTOL (top) and design/pic of the International pistol shooter.

o COMPOUND Archery – options:

o COMPOUND across the top – with the design/pic of the round target with arrow.


o ARCHERY across top – with round target/arrow design – AND add lettering in the personalization spot (the chevron shaped space below the discipline panel) to indicate compound. But limited to 6 letters; so would have to abbreviate CMPND or something.

o RECURVE archery – options like above.

o RECURVE at top, round target/arrow design


o ARCHERY at top, with round target/arrow design and add lettering in the chevron box beneath the discipline panel. Limited to 6 characters so would need to abbreviate.

Muzzleloading and Hunting Skills are different. Both contain more than 10 characters/spaces, which is the maximum for the wording at TOP of side 2.

o HUNTING skills –

o HUNTING at top, with design panel of long gun & archery & Hunting Skills wording.

o OR

o Your NAME at top, with same panel design & wording.

o Muzzleloading -

o Your NAME at top, with the Muzzleloading rifle & powder horn design panel with muzzleloading in small print

o OR

o Abbreviation at top – (MZ RIFLE) or (BLK POWDER) at top, with the ML Rifle & powder horn design panel with muzzleloading in small print