State 4-H Public Speaking Contest
Competition categories

Junior (ages 8-10), Intermediate (ages 11-13) and Senior (ages 14-19) contestants compete in one of the following categories:

Prepared speaking

This is the noble, “traditional” category from past Missouri State 4-H Public Speaking Contests. Speeches may be on any topic of the participant’s choice that are in good taste for a group of peers and adults.

Extemporaneous speaking

When you give an extemporaneous speech at a public speaking contest, it will differ from a traditional (“prepared”) public speech in that you will not plan the speech until shortly before you deliver it.

Technology assisted speaking

Technology assisted speeches are subject to the same rules and guidelines as prepared speeches but allow for the use of presentation software (such as PowerPoint). This is another 4-H experience with excellent workforce preparation benefits. 


Interpretations are memorized performances that take place without music or other external sound effects. You can choose from three of the following sub-categories:


An oral interpretation of a serious selection of narrative or dramatic work. The source material may come from literature, a monologue, a theatrical production or poetry. This can be a great fit for youth in 4-H Theater Arts clubs!


A memorized oral interpretation of a humorous selection (or a humorous interpretation of an oral selection. Source material may come from plays, prose, literature, poetry, or other performance pieces.

Business Pitch

A business pitch quickly generates interest and energetically demonstrates knowledge and persuasion to motivate the listener to reach a decision or act immediately on the information presented.  


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