State 4-H Public Speaking Contest
Technology Assisted Speaking Rules

Technology assisted speeches are subject to the same rules and guidelines as prepared speeches but allow for the use of presentation software (such as PowerPoint).  This is another 4-H experience with excellent workforce preparation benefits.
Tech-Assisted Speaking Category Contest Rules

  • Speeches are to be 3-5 minutes in length for Juniors (ages 8-10), 4-6 minutes in length for Intermediates (ages 11-13) and 5-7 minutes in length for Seniors (ages 14-18).  When speakers have met the minimum time, a judge will hold up a green card.  When 30 seconds remain until time is expired, the judge will hold up a red card.  The speaker should then wrap up to avoid a point deduction (3 points).  
  • The tech-assisted speech must be an original work, created and written by the person giving the speech. Topics must be appropriate to the standards of a 4-H event and appropriate for all ages. 
  • Notes on index cards are perfectly acceptable.  However, no props may be used.
  • Speakers are free to use their own laptop computers, or they may use the PC laptop at the event.  In either event, a copy of the presentation must be brought to the contest by the speaker, in order to have a backup if technical difficulties should occur.
  • First place Intermediate and Senior Division finishers from a previous State 4-H Public Speaking Contest may not enter the same category and age group a second time. 
  • Judges decisions are final.
  • Have fun! First and foremost, you are here to gain experience, celebrate your skills, and meet others with an interest in public speaking!

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