Summers @ Mizzou
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Summers@Mizzou:  July 15-19


Scrub-in to a Health Career

Are you someone who knows exactly where the first aid kit is and how to use it? Do you like to help others? Are you interested in math and science? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this camp is for you! Spend time exploring different health careers through hands-on experiences, guest speakers and opportunities at the University Hospital. Learn what it takes to be a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, dentist, pharmacist and many other positions in the health field. Discover all the possibilities!


Network Forensics for Hacker Trackers  

Do you like playing detective for investigating cyber attacks? Are you interested in learning tools and coding for detecting cyber attacks and developing cool visualizations to track cyber attacks? Here you will assume the role of expert witnesses by conducting a network forensics investigation to catch cyber-criminals who were attacking a “Good online gaming” company. You will learn coding with a database and analyze attacks with tools such as Wireshark and Snort. You will also collect evidence to demonstrate to the jury the geographical location of the “cyber-criminal mafia” and the extent of damage caused for compensation.

*Prior coding experience required.


Dog Days of Summer- Fills from waiting list

Experiential camp to educate interested students about the profession of veterinary medicine and its many different facets including the most commonly known, private practice.  Several hands-on interactive sessions to engage, educate and further motivate students to pursuing this career field. Each session is designed to expand their knowledge, offer them experience as well as provide them with the initial qualifications; shadowing a vet, necessary for applying to vet school.


Digital Ghost Camp

Telling a good ghost story is more than just reciting words and hoping for spine chills and goose bumps.  It takes research skills to find good source material; creative, literary and technical talent to put the narrative together; and performance skills to convince and connect with your audience.  Explore haunted locations using a digital camera and then learn how to edit your photos and video footage into your own digital ghost stories.  Faculty in oral and digital storytelling will work with participants to explore local source materials, visit haunted locations and create their own haunted talks with a chance to screen them at the 2019 St. Louis Storytelling Festival.


Trulaske Business Summit

Come to Mizzou to learn about business while experiencing campus life. Interact with faculty and current students to get exposed to careers in accountancy and business.  And yes, this camp is free!